Solution Holes In The Florida Everglades

Solution Holes are a regular feature of the Karstic environment, where water acidifies while steeping in vegetation creating chemical reactions in the limestone that dissolve the rock and create holes that can penetrate the underground aquifer. Here is an example.

Florida is one of the most densely freshwater-spring populated landmasses on the planet. But the hidden springs of Everglades National Park, where solution holes tap the aquifer, have managed to thrive in and beyond the practically impenetrable thickets of wilderness that usually ensconce their glory. Until now. Amidst historic high waters; local, state, and federal imperatives to restore more natural water flows along historic routes, and ecological restoration in the “Hole In The Donut” area, newly exposed karstic terrain made it possible for me to create this book to show you some of what’s really going on out here. So flip the page and check it out, and more importantly punch the GPS coordinates contained herein into your favorite map and figure out a way to get on down here to see these amazing hidden springs of the Everglades for yourself. They are truly a wonder to behold.



Jacob Katel is a Writer, Photographer, and Movie Maker raised in Miami since 1988

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